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General FAQ 1/2

Tech FAQ (2/2)

This document contains the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Online Classroom software and Homeworkhelp.com services.

Q: What makes Homeworkhelp.com unique?

A: Our exceptional and highly qualified tutors! Students respond well to the motivated and competent tutors who have the ability to bring out the best in them. Students love our online tutoring methods and become more confident of their skills as our tutors help them resolve homework questions and master key concepts. Our tutors take the time to work with your child individually and help your child master the skills they need before moving onto the next challenge.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Homeworkhelp.com?

A: You may purchase any of the lengths of membership below. The longer membership you purchase, the greater discounts you receive.

Level 1 - $30
Level 2 - $50
Level 3 - $100
Level 4 - $175

By registering, you can view profiles regarding our tutors and your own information. Search for tutors and learn more about each by selecting the Find a Tutor link, located on the top right corner of your screen. After you sign in, begin your search and select Option 2. You may find tutors who meet your requirements and review their information including background, experience, and fees.


Q: I have two kids. Can they share the membership?

A: Yes, the membership can be shared by multiple family members.


Q: How long does it take to become a member?

A: Becoming a member is simple and easy. You can join Homeworkhelp.com when you need immediate Internet tutoring help, or you may sign up in advance for tutoring services. It takes only minutes! You and your child are steps away in receiving the help you need.


Q: What subject areas do you cover?

A: Our tutors cover many academic content areas. Math and English are the most requested subjects from students. Some of our tutors can help in the higher levels of math including Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Our English tutors can help in areas such as grammar, composition, and literature. We are also continuing to expand our subject base and will include other subjects for tutoring including Social Studies, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Continue to review our information for other subjects to be added soon!


Q: Will tutors be able to tutor at our home?

A: No. Our tutors will not go to your home. All tutoring sessions are conducted on the Internet through our Online Classroom System powered by the AccuLive Commander. Internet tutoring is more convenient than on site at home tutoring. Why bother with having to schedule tutoring at your home when you can easily schedule tutoring with qualified tutors, online using the Internet?!


Q: Is it safe to hire an online tutor?

A: Our tutors are qualified instructors and educators with many years of experience, including certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors, and graduate school students from across the country. Each must pass our strict screening requirements, and all tutors have received a seven-year criminal background and reference check by the American Tutoring Association. In addition, we record ALL tutoring sessions for quality assurance. We ensure that our tutors are providing their best for your child, and that your child is mastering the skills s/he needs to perform well and succeed in school.

We have the most professional and qualified tutors to help your child achieve success in the classroom! It's safe to hire our online tutors!


Q: Is the tutoring service provided by the Homeworkhelp.com directly?

A: No. We do not provide tutoring service directly. Instead, we provide a solution for both students and tutors to join an online tutoring session over the Internet. Our role is to be the bridge between you and tutors.


Q: Is the Homeworkhelp.com a tutoring service?

A: Homeworkhelp.com provides the means in which parents, student, and tutors come together. Our website is not a traditional tutoring service, meaning there isn't a set program or weekly tutoring sessions your child is required to complete. Parents, along with your child, join the Homeworkhelp.com and select the tutor best suited to meet the needs of your child, and then decide how often to meet for tutoring sessions. Students may choose to have one session with a tutor or several. You are not locked in to one particular tutor, you may choose from the available tutors. Homeworkhelp.com is flexible; you may even decide to schedule weekly sessions with a particular tutor similar to that of traditional at home tutoring. Parents and students are not committed to a specified program or weekly tutoring session. It is up to you to decide on how much to use the Homeworkhelp.com.


Q: So what are the fees of tutors?

A: Tutoring fees are set by our tutors. You may view this information after you join the Homeworkhelp.com under the particular tutor's profile in whom you are interested. The fees are hourly and are purchased in advance. Based on the amount of time you want your child to be tutored, points are deducted from your account. This is all taken care of through our online payment system. Our Homeworkhelp.com payment system keeps track of your account and makes the payments directly to tutors. We take care of all e-commerce and use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL works with Firefox, Netscape, and Internet Explorer browsers to encrypt and protect your confidential information. All billing and payment transactions are taken care of by us!


Q: What kinds of payment types do you accept?

A: We accept online payment via PayPal. You can either pay by credit card or bank account through PayPal. It's a secure online payment system. Your account will be activated within a few minutes if you pay by PayPal. Otherwise, it will take a few days to process your payment if you pay by a money order or use a personal check.


Q: Can I check my payment history and usage report?

A: Yes. You may retrieve your payment history and generate usage report in the My Account area under My Profile option.


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