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FAQ 2/2

FAQ (1/2)

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run AccuLive Commander client software?


  • Windows 2000/XP/Mac OS X for Students/Users, Windows 2000/XP for Tutors
  • Intel Pentium III 700MHz or PowerPC G4 Processor with 192MB of RAM (256MB or more is recommended)
  • Microsoft IE 6.0 or newer
  • Sun Java 2 Run-time Environment (J2RE)
  • Full-Duplex sound card
  • Microphone (for voice chat, not required for only listening, a headset is recommended for better audio quality)
  • WDM compatible video capture device (USB Digital Web Camera, for video, not required for only viewing)
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.x or later (required for sending webcam video and application sharing)
  • Windows 2003 Server must start audio service


Q: Does AccuLive Commander support 56K dial-up connection?

A: Our voice module uses high compression algorithm to reduce the bandwidth requirement. The voice can be delivered via a 33.6kbps modem and enjoy better-than-phone quality of voice. However, we would recommend using DSL/Cable Internet connection for better streaming voice and faster data download.

Q: Is the AccuLive Commander software compatible with firewall/proxy (NAT firendly)?

A: Yes. Our software has been tested with hardware based router/firewall such as Linksys, Netgear, Netscreen, FortiNet, ..etc. and software based anti-virus/firewall such as Notron, Zone Alarm, Trend Micro,...etc. By default, the software is NAT friendly and working with your firewall/proxy server as long as you do not block outgoing TCP/UDP traffic to our servers.

Should you still have technical difficulties, please feel free to contact tech support.


Q: Can I use Fire Fox or Netscape to manage my account?

A: We utilize Microsoft's ActiveX technology for the web development. For example, when you page a tutor and the tutor accepts your request, both of you will enter the online classroom automatically. This is done by the ActiveX technology. It is supported by the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Fire Fox and Netscape do not support ActiveX properly. We strongly recommend using Microsoft IE for visiting our website.


Q: Why do I need to disable "Pop-Up Blocker" or allow pop-up windows from www.acculive.com?

A: When you enter the My Account area, you can request a tutor, check your payment history, or even schedule a live session with a specific tutor. All tasks can be done on our website in a few keystrokes. However, our web programs need to submit your request to server for further process. We utilize Javascript for data submission. Java Script will generate useful notification on the screen - a pop-up window. If you disable the Pop-Up window, your request will not be processed correctly.

We do not sell banners on our site. There is no commercial pop-up ads! Please feel safe to disable "Pop-Up Blocker" or allow pop-up windows from www.homeworkhelp.com.


Q: What is VOIP?

A: VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. As the term indicates, VoIP allows the voice to go through the Internet via electronic voice packets. VoIP can use accelerating hardware to achieve this purpose and can also be used in a PC environment.

Q: What is full duplex voice communication?

A: A full-duplex device is just like a regular phone. You can talk and listen at the same time. A half-duplex device just like a portable radio walkie-talkie; as long as you hold down the "Talk" button, you can't hear anybody else who is trying to talk to you--that's why radio users say "Over" at the end of a transmission--so the other person knows you've finished and they can begin speaking. Users can communicate in both directions but only one person can speak at a time. A Simplex device is even less sophisticated than half-duplex; it is like a radio broadcast station. You can't respond to its transmissions at all.

Q: How to use hands-Free and Push-to-talk?

A: AccuLive Commander supports both Hands-Free (full duplex) and Push-to-Talk (half duplex) mode. If there are only two users in the room (a tutor and a student), the tutor can select either mode for voice communication. However, if there are more than three people in the room, the system will automatically switch to Push-to-Talk mode to ensure the quality of audio stream.


Q: Can the voice packet be sent behind a firewall?

A: Yes. Our voice packet is delivered via UDP and can travel through a firewall smoothly without changing default settings. Should you close most ports of your firewall, please open certain ports and allow outgoing UDP to our server. If your Internet traffic is controlled by a proxy server, please enter related IP address, port, username and password in the first login screen. For more technical assistance, please contact Tech Support.

Q: How much bandwidth is used for voice?

A: Voice streams use only about 16-24kbps of the bandwidth.

Q: How do I switch audio from my external speakers and microphone to a headset?

A: We recommend using a headset to ensure the great quality of audio. A headset will elliminate the voice looped back (echo) to sender. To switch your audio device, please go to "Start" => "Settings" => "Control Panel"; double click the "Sound and Audio Devices"; Select the "Audio" tab; Select your preferred device. If you headset is USB based, make sure to select the right one. If your headset is the regular model (with 2 3.5mm plugs), please make sure to plug-in the Pink/Red one to the MIC port of your sound card. The Green/Black one to the OUT port of your sound card.

When you are done, go to "Programs" => "Accessories" => "Entertainment" and select Sound Recorder to test your Microphone/speakers or headset.


Q: What is Application Sharing?

A: The most powerful feature of AccuLive Commander is the Application Sharing. This allows anyone in the classroom to share PC applications with other students during a live session. It is ideal for displaying homework problems or allowing multiple people to view a document together. For example, you will be able to collaborate effectively by editing a file with other students and seeing the changes being made in real-time. The owner of the application sharing has the possibility to give the control to any student in the room, letting him/her remotely modify the document opened on his/her machine. The other attendee doesn't need to have the application installed to be able to use it.

Q: What's the difference between local application sharing and multi-way application sharing?

A: Normally, the moderator or the tutor will initiate the application sharing. If the moderator/tutor shares his/her application with remote users, it's called ‘local application sharing.’ The moderator/tutor also can pass the ownership of application sharing to any one in the room and let him/her to share his/her applications to all students. It's a permission- based operation. Only when the remote user agrees to accept the delegation will the application share be started. This is what we called "Multi-way application sharing."

Q: Why does my screen appear some scrabbled black blocks?

A: It is caused by your video card driver and it is not 100% compatible with Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later. Please contact the video manufacturer to get the latest version of video driver.

Q: Why is the voice communication delayed when I am receiving application sharing data?

A: AccuLive Commander delivers both voice and data at the same time. However, the data stream takes more bandwidth than voice stream. Thus, if your Internet bandwidth is not broad enough, some delay may occur. We are working on a new feature to limit the data stream when the tutor is launching application sharing. Please check our site for more updated information.

Q: Why do I need to set the classroom as "Listen Only"?

A: If you are planning to launch a seminar or speech and don't want students to interrupt your live session, you can set the room as "Listen Only." All the students members in the room will not be able to use the voice communication. It's just like using "Mute" on the users' microphone.

Q: How many tutors can be in a classroom?

A: There is no limitation on the number of tutors in a room. However, it's not a good idea to allow all users to be tutors while the event is in session.

Q: Can I save the illustrations on the whiteboard?

A: Yes. All pictures, lines, shapes, and texts on the whiteboard can be saved as a single image file in GIF format.

Why do I get greyscale images after saving the whiteboard?

A: If your video Color Quality is set at over 24 bit (16 million colors), the image will be saved as grey scale due to java image support problem. However, if you switch setting to 24 bit, 16 bit, or even 256 color, the GIF image files you saved will be 256 color.

Can I use my PowerPoint slides with the whiteboard?

A: Yes. Our software supports converting PowerPoint slides (static images, no animations) on client's PC and uploads to whiteboard. If you need to share your animated PPT/PPS files, please use Application Share to share the screen. Note: If you use Application Share to display your PPT/PPS with animations, it will take more bandwidth on user ends.

You MUST have Microsoft PowerPoint (or Office) 2000 or newer version installed on your machine. Click on the "Import PowerPoint" icon from your whiteboard tools area. Once you locate the PPT/PPS file, the whiteboard will convert to appropriate format and display the first slide for preview on the screen. If you decide to use this file, click "Open" to import entire PPT/PPS file to whiteboard. Our software will automatically create new pages to display all slides. Once you import the PPT/PPS file, you can save the entire slide sets to your whiteboard slides list for future use.

How do I adjust the size of slides after I import slides from PowerPoint 2003 (Office 2003?)

A: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 changes the default size of exported images. In order to adjust the size of slides and fit in WhiteBoard, the perfect size is 720x540. You can download PPT Registry Tool and our program will reset the default value for you.


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