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Achieve Better Results

Host lectures, training, meetings, sales presentations, or software demonstrations right from your PC. By partnering with AccuLive, Homeworkhelp.com can help you make it happen!

We offer a complete Internet solution for communicating with your instructors, students, business partners, sales team, international customers, or vendors. Flexible and convenient, the AccuLive Commander is a smart Internet communication platform you need when you want breakthrough results!

The AccuLive Commander has the critical tools and applications that allow you to conduct multimedia presentations with full duplex Internet audio, share files, share applications, and collaborate effectively online. No huge download or installation is required for participants. All they need is a computer where the Internet connection is available.

Maximize Your Potential and Minimize Your Costs

We offer an enterprise wide solution that can be easily integrated with your existing Internet, intranet or extranet. We utilize our proprietary communication architecture, so there is no costly equipment setup or hidden maintenance costs. Business partners, colleagues, customers, students, and teachers are immediately empowered with an interactive platform that can be accessed across the nation or around the globe. The AccuLive Commander is a scalable and 100% web-based. You may choose to use it as a hosted service through us or deploy the software directly on your own servers.

Host Your Online Classroom Now (Basic Edition)

The Basic Edition, our personal-sized online classroom is available for subscribe online. This Basic Edition provides you a 5-seat classroom where you can meet and teach your students using the full duplex Internet voice over IP, an interactive sharable whiteboard, file share library, and traditional text chat features.

5-seat Basic Edition Pricing
1 month subscription plan $150
6-month subscription plan $750
1 year subscription plan $1,200

For more odering infomation please contact our sales representatives at sales@homeworkhelp.com


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