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Login Help

Sample Recorded Session

Here are some tips that might be helpful for first time users. If you are having trouble joining a session, you will receive an error message.

You may have received one or more of the following messages below when you tried to login:

1. The class ID you entered is not correct.

  • You have entered a wrong Class ID.
  • Class ID has 8 digits.
  • Check the Class ID in the e-mail you received from us for this class.

2. This class occurred in the past. Login is no longer permitted.

  • This is a previously completed class.
  • This class is closed.

3. This class hasn't started yet.

  • Double check if you entered a correct Class ID.
  • If it's correct, you may have logged on too early.
  • You are allowed to login 5 minutes prior to the schedule.
  • Check your Time Zone. We are located in California (Pacific Time Zone).
    • If you are in the Eastern Time Zone, you are 3 hours ahead of us.
    • If you are in the Central Time Zone, you are 2 hours ahead of us.
    • If you are in the Mountain Time Zone, you are 1hour ahead of us.
  • For example, if the class starts at 5:00pm Pacific Time, it will be:
    • 8:00pm Eastern Time
    • 7:00pm Central Time
    • 6:00pm Mountain Time

Still having problems?


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