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School and Library License

There are two types of licenses available from

Group Subscriptions:

Individual student subscriptions (Basic Services*) are available in groups of 30 at $999 for 12 months. Students are able to access the site using their own username and password from any computer, at school, home, or anywhere as long as they have Internet access. Each student will receive an activation code to create his/her own account.

*Discounted rates are available for more than 2 Group Subscriptions (over 60 users).

Site License:

The institution is licensed for 12 months to offer access to site from their own computers (i.e. library, computer lab, etc.).

An unlimited number of users are able to access the site over the length of the Licensing term.
While logged on, students can browse all online tutorials and take practice quiz questions.

Licenses are available on a per-computer basis at $199.99 for a 12-month period.

To Order for Your School or Library:

Purchase Orders for Group Subscriptions should indicate the number of groups (users.)
Purchase Orders for Site Licenses should indicate the number of computers to be licensed and the IP address or range of IP addresses of these computers.

Important: Your purchase order cannot be processed without an email address and phone number to which we can contact you. Have questions? Contact Us! Download Service Information.

Please send purchase order to:
47000 Warm Springs Blvd #107
Fremont, CA 94539

Or fax your PO to: (510) 252-9987

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