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About Us

Our goal is to create the best possible educational software and services for 4th to 12th grade students, college bound students and working professionals. It is our hope that our creative, innovative and interactive educational products and services can empower students of all ages to achieve their educational goals.

We create an effective Internet learning environment accessible to educators, teachers, tutors, parents, and students. We want it to be so convenient that whenever there is a need for tutoring, students can easily access a tutor at any time using a PC and broadband connection. The Homeworkhelp.com makes it easy for parents and students to view important information about our tutors; likewise, tutors receive support and are connected with students through our website!

Students find the Internet useful in helping them obtain information quickly, easily, and conveniently from home. Tutoring should be the same! When students have questions and need help, they can now receive guidance instantly on the web. The Homeworkhelp.com makes it happen; we bring it all together with the best and brightest tutors from around the country! Our certified tutors provide private, individualized attention that helps students achieve! You don't have to drive to costly tutoring or learning centers - it's all done from the personal comfort of home!

Where is Homeworkhelp.com

Homeworkhelp.com is headquartered in Fremont, California, the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

When was Homeworkhelp.com founded

In 1996, e-learning pioneer Homeworkhelp.com was established in Sunnyvale, California. Under the Homeworkhelp.com name, we have developed, published, and released over 20 educational software products. Homeworkhelp.com's turning point came in 1998 when its website, www.homeworkhelp.com, was launched. The site's favorable reception confirmed the market potential of the Internet education industry. As a result, Homeworkhelp.com's focus shifted from CD-ROM software to Internet education solutions. Its educational website is designed for middle and high school students, educators, and parents. The company website features science, math, English, social studies, and English as a second language lessons and tutorials, in addition to standardized test preparation for college-bound and graduate students.

Homeworkhelp.com has partnered with an impressive number of organizations including Academic Superstore, Acer America, Achieva College Prep Centers, AOL@SCHOOL, ARCO, AT&T WorldNet Service, Bonus.com, Brain Storm USA, CANBOX, Cendant Software, CompuBank, Davidson Associates, Dorling Kindersley Software (DK Multimedia), EduOnline, Encore Software, eSylvan, Grand Tech, Incentive Publications, HighWired, International Education Foundation, Knowledge Adventure, Learning Services, National Beta Club, Netschools/PLATO Learning, PC Treasures, Peterson's, TeachMeAsia.com, Topics Entertainment, Toshiba America, Tutor Find, Unifier Learning Academy, Wintec Industries, and Yuan-Liu Publishing.

Who are Homeworkhelp.com's customers

As of 2010, Homeworkhelp.com has sold over 7 million copies of software to libraries, schools, districts, student organizations, learning centers, and home users. Partial Client List.

Small businesses, learning centers, schools, colleges and universities are also using our proprietary online classroom system for daily operations.

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